Welcome to Brain Health Resources. I created this blog to provide links to articles, information, research, resources and websites pertaining to the human brain.

My interest in brain science stems from the challenges arising from an injury.  The insight into how memory works, the way the human brain functions, and how the brain adapts to injury has helped to erase the fear and anxiety that typically comes from facing the unknown. It also helps to me determine how best to cope with the challenges that it presents.

What I have found along the way is that brain science is still a relatively new frontier with new discoveries being uncovered while there is still a significant gap in knowledge about how the brain truly functions.

Different parts of the brain perform different functions so the ramifications of traumatic brain injury (TBI) differ from person to person depending on which part of the brain was affected by the trauma or injury. Robert P. Lehr Jr., Ph.D., Professor Emeritus, Department of Anatomy, School of Medicine,
Southern Illinois University, has provided a map of the human brain with a simplified explanation of the functions of each part of the brain and how the brain’s function is affected by trauma and other problems.

Researchers at various universities worldwide are undertaking research to gain a better understanding of how the brain functions . For instance, a team of scientists at  the Center for Interdisciplinary Brain Sciences Research (CIBSR) at the Stanford University School of Medicine  is undertaking research that will improve the lives and well-being of individuals with disorders of the brain.

My goal is to help demystify the brain by making information on brain science more accessible to ordinary people. I will highlight the researchers that are at the cutting edge of brain science and will provide links to resources and information that will enable people that are facing TBI and other brain-related challenges to better understand the way their brain functions and how they can better cope with the disruptions to brain function that arises from aging, tumors and injury.

For seniors and baby boomers who are facing challenges with declining brain function from aging, I hope that you will find information that will enable to improve your health and enjoy a more fulfilling and enjoyable life through the sunset years.

I will also provide links to  information on nutrition and exercises that  help to improve brain function, wellness and vitality. I will add articles, videos and links over time so please check in from time to time to find out what is new.

Thanks for stopping by!

Warm regards, Audrey

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