Extract from Zurich Loss Cost Management Guide

 Injury Management Checklist

  •  Provide first aid treatment – Call 911 as appropriate
  1.  provide transportation
  1. letter to treating health care provider
  2.  physician return-to-work (RTW) statement
  3.  job descriptions with physical job demands for full duty role
  4.  transitional work availability and associated physical job demands
  • Use affiliated/network physicians whenever possible
  • Obtain a report of the injury/illness from the employee/supervisor ASAP
  • Report claim ASAP (same or next day)
  1.  Employees should be trained and encouraged to report all injuries promptly
  2. Delayed or unreported injuries create the potential of delaying treatment or increasing claim costs
  3. The quicker a claim is reported the quicker the employee will RTW
  • Accident investigation
  1.  focus on prevention, not blame
  2.  change processes as necessary to minimize future accidents
  • Direct Supervisors and maintain regular contact with the employee
  • Facilitate RTW
  1.  evaluate the workstation for ergonomic improvement opportunities
  2.  provide transitional work assignments
  3.  encourage employee input when developing transitional work assignments
  4.  help employee understand how their injury impacts the department/organization
  • Follow-up after each medical visit and return employee to full duty upon release.
  • Complete OSHA log and other paperwork as necessary

Source: Extract from Zurich Loss Cost Management Guide

Zurich‘s guidelines should give employees an indication of what management ought to be doing to protect your health and safety in the workplace, while minimizing costs to the employer .

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