Living with TBI

The page summarizes links to resources for TBI survivors, family members and care givers.

One of the challenges of living with TBI is first trying to understand what is happening to you and how best you can cope with it. The most difficult part is dealing with skeptics and pseudo brain experts that think they know more than brain specialists and will dismiss your concerns and even try to take advantage of you.

Once you have a better understanding of TBI and your symptoms, the next step is to work closely with your providers and caregivers on your path to living an optimal life with TBI.

Federal TBI Program: The  Federal Government has established a TBI Program.There are links to each State’s TBI Program at the Federal TBI Program website.

TBI Guide: This Guide was written by a Neuropyschologist to help TBI Survivors, providers and caregivers to better understand TBI. The Guide provides an explanation of TBI, the typical symptoms of TBI, and practical steps that TBI survivors and caregivers can use to improve the ability to cope with TBI.

Traumatic Brain Injury  (TBI) Training for Caregivers: The University of Washington has created a Training Program for Family members and caregivers that deal with people living with TBI. The program comprises a video series and Workbook. Links for the videos and Workbook are below —

Related Materials


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